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Meeting Materials

Poster Presentations
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1. Protective Effects of Empagliflozin Against Experimentally-induced Renal Fibrosis
*Sarah Bayne, Drake University

2. The Calcineurin Homologous Protein 2 Mediates Cell Migration and Proliferation in Human Bone Sarcoma Cells 
*Tiffany Chang, MSBS, DO‘23, Des Moines University

3. Increased NMDA receptor function during protracted withdrawal from chronic intermittent ethanol exposure
Daniel T. Christian, PhD, Des Moines University

4. The role of sex and age in the development of obesity in MuRF1 KO mice
*Luis de Sousa, PhD, University of Iowa

5. Crosstalk between metabolism and cancer: finding correlation between two branched chain aminotransferases and the survival of patients with lymphoma by using Kaplan Meier survival curves
Aleyna Follett, MSBS'22, Des Moines University

6. Chronic Pain State Mediates Development of Hippocampal and Renal Inflammatory Responses
*Jeff Foltz, MSBS'22, Des Moines University

7. NMDA receptor modulation in protracted ethanol withdrawal
Mercedes Foster, MSBS'22, Des Moines University

8. Genetic profiling of the hippocampus during peripheral chronic inflammatory pain
Adam Garman, MSBS'22, Des Moines University

9. Chronic intermittent hypoxia adversely affects renal microcirculatory regulation and tissue PO2 in ovariectomized female rats
Raina M. Gerritts, DO'24, Des Moines University

10. Aortic stiffness is associated with less microvascular glycocalyx thickness and lower microvascular perfusion among older adults
*Colin Gimblet, MS'24, University of Iowa

11. Compared to wild type rats, trpc4 knockout rats show reduced cocaine induced impulsivity without effects of cocaine on reversal learning 
Laura Guck, Drake University

12. Effects of Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia on Renal Cortical Antioxidant and Pro-Fibrotic Signaling in Chronic Heart Failure 
*Katie Harbeck, DO'24, Des Moines University

13. Changes in AMPA receptor trafficking in protracted ethanol withdrawal 
Matthew Kvech, MSBS'22, Des Moines University

14. Exercise protects against inflammation by modulating rat hippocampal NF-kB and nucleus accumbens FosB/ΔFosB 
*Chia-Ming Lee, DO'24, Des Moines University

15. Potential renoprotective effects of chronic remote ischemic conditioning in a rodent model of sleep apnea 
*Benjamin Madigan, DO'24, Des Moines University

16. Estrogen regulates voluntary running behavior in rats 
Victoria Mathis, MSBS'22, Des Moines University

17. Calmodulin availability regulates basal autophagy 
Elizabeth McConnaha, MS, PhD’25, Des Moines University

18. Central CO2 chemosensitivity and autonomic function in patients with epilepsy 
Marie-Anne Melone, MD, University of Iowa

19. Screening and validation of FDA approved oncology drugs for induction of progesterone receptor expression in endometrial cancer 
*Kayla Olstinske, PharmD'24, Drake University

20. Utilization of a native hibernator in advanced physiology courses 
*Alexis M. Orth, Luther College

21. Using a Sleep Log to Quantify Sleep Time, Quality and Screen Time 
David Pavlat, EdD, Central College

22. Using a Sleep Log to Quantify Sleep Time, Quality and Caffeine Use 
Luke Pavlat, Central College

23. Integrative function of microcirculation and skeletal muscle function in peripheral artery disease
*Elizabeth J. Pekas, MS, CSCS, EP-C, University of Nebraska at Omaha

24. Cardiorespiratory coupling response to chest wall strapping in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients 
*Maggie Peng, University of Iowa

25. Oxidative stress contributes to microvascular endothelial dysfunction in women with a history of gestational diabetes 
*Rowan Schlarmann, University of Iowa

26. Using a Cell Phone Based Sleep Log to Record Sleep in Collegiate Athletes 
Anna Tillo, Central College

27. An analysis of external training load during summer conditioning training in NCAA Division III athletes
Katelin M. Valster, PhD, CSCS, Central College

28. Mental health pre-participation screening in NCAA student-athletes: A framework for implementation
Katelin M. Valster, PhD, CSCS, Central College

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