The Des Moines University Continuing Medical Education (DMU CME) office has implemented an online reporting system for physicians who precept osteopathic medical students. The online system makes it easier for physicians to report preceptor hours and earn CME credit, improves the accuracy of preceptor data, and enhances reporting capabilities. The online system replaces the previous method of submitting preceptor hours through student evaluations.

Hours can be quickly entered by the physician, clinical coordinator or nurse. The process is easy and can be completed in 30 seconds. There are several ways for you to access the CME preceptor web form. 

  1. Through the student evaluation. A link to the online form opens it in a new window. 
  2. Through the DMU CME website.
  3. Through the DMU COM Clinical Affairs website.

Not all fields are required and depending on your web browser, the web form may remember previous entries. After the preceptor CME hours are submitted, the physician and coordinator or nurse will receive a confirmation email for their records.  

This new online process provides a cleaner and more accurate report of preceptor hours. Each preceptor claims their own portion of the student’s rotation so there is no more relying on another physician to accurately claim your CME hours.

More information can be found on the Preceptor CME FAQ page