The Two-Way Feedback Street: Experiences in Giving and Receiving


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A clinical instructor is an experienced practitioner who provides supervision during clinical practice and facilitates the application of theory to practice for students and staff learners. They assist the learner by setting expectations, providing effective feedback about their performance, and providing appropriate opportunities to meet their learning objectives.

Des Moines University supports healthcare providers who choose to actively participate in the education of our students by offering excellent clinical training opportunities. Clinical instructors not only transmit skills but are mentors who convey the core values important to Des Moines University: accountability, collaboration, honesty, inclusiveness, and wellness. 

Clinical instructors do what no textbook or classroom can accomplish. As a result, the students benefit from the community-based experience, while preceptors benefit from integrating new ideas and techniques into their practices currently taught in academic health sciences institutions. Join us for a series of educational opportunities which provide precepting pearls to aid in shaping the next generation of clinicians.


This session will discuss principles of constructive feedback and the importance of supporting students in establishing ongoing self-assessment and continuous quality improvement practices.

Key Topics

  • Constructive feedback
  • Argumentative student
  • Challenges
  • Communication

Learning Objectives

  1. Define constructive feedback. 
  2. Outline clear expectations that address different learning styles.
  3. Identify methods to accept and process student feedback. 


Terra Goldsberry, MSPAS, PA-C, is a 2011 Des Moines University Physician Assistant Program graduate. Now on the psychiatry team at Orchard Place, a Des Moines-based nationally recognized leader in children’s mental health and juvenile justice services, she is a highly valued preceptor partly because of her lifelong propensity to “always be a helper.” 

  • Award: 2021 DMU PA Program Preceptor of the Year

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