If you're having difficulties uploading your abstract, please email it to cme@dmu.edu and include your mentor's name and email address, your program, if you're an undergraduate or graduate student, and your expected year of graduation. 

Classes are not scheduled so all students and faculty can attend and participate. Lunch and afternoon refreshments will be served.

The Research Symposium aims to recognize the research efforts of those at Des Moines University (DMU) and in the surrounding medical and scientific community by providing a forum for the collaboration of ideas, the production of new hypotheses, and to demonstrate to the attendees the critical role that research plays in the advancement of health care.

All students and faculty are encouraged to develop research projects to be presented at the Symposium. Awards will be given to the winning presenting author(s) (students and residents only) with the best quality oral abstract and poster presentation.

Awards will be presented to DMU faculty, staff, and clinicians who have demonstrated research excellence over the past year. 

Important Dates

  • Abstract submission: Coming soon. 
  • Notification of oral presentations: Coming soon.
  • Poster submission to the DMU print shop: Coming soon. Download the print shop order form.
  • 2019-2020 Mentored Student Research Program application cycle: Coming soon. More information and submit your application.

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Oral Presentations

Four abstracts will be selected to give an oral presentation. Presentations will be organized into sessions grouped by topics or disciplines with each presenter allotted 10 minutes to speak and 2 minutes for audience questions. Awards will be given to the winning presenting author(s) (students and residents only).

If the work is co-authored, only the PRESENTING author will submit on behalf of all co-authors. The names of all co-authors must be listed in the submission form. A moderator keeps track of your presentation time and may also facilitate the discussion. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 will be used to project slides. Please make sure your presentation is compatible with this program. If you prefer to use a MAC computer or have video files, arrangements must be made prior to the program and you will be responsible for bringing an adaptor. Please contact DMU CME at cme@dmu.edu or 515-271-1596. Presentation and video files should be stored on USB drives.


Poster Presentations

If the work is co-authored, only the PRESENTING author will submit on behalf of all co-authors. The names of all co-authors must be listed in the submission form. Prizes will be awarded to the winning presenting author(s) (students and residents only).


Poster Guidelines

  • Materials to hang your poster will be available onsite.
  • Posters are displayed throughout the day. Please do not remove your poster until the end of the day’s activities.
  • Posters must be hung by 8:30 am and removed by 5:30 pm. If you’re able, please hang your poster as early as possible as we encourage people to view them the entire day.
  • Odd numbered student/resident posters will be judged from 1:45 – 2:30 pm. Even numbered student/resident posters will be judged from 2:30 – 3:15 pm. 
  • Prepare and practice a short summary speech - no more than 3 minutes - about your project. This is an excellent networking opportunity, so it is important to speak and interact professionally. You will receive lots of feedback and exposure as well.
  • Any remaining posters will be kept in the CME office (AC #430) until December 21.

Printing Guidelines

  • Optional: Select from six DMU approved research poster templates.
  • Posters for the symposium must be printed at the DMU print shop and emailed to printshop@dmu.edu.  
  • Download the print shop order form. 
  • Please print in seminar presentation size 42” x 54.35” (non-matted and non-laminated).
  • The account number to use for printing costs is #110-1435-50943.
  • Posters will need to be submitted to the print shop and proofs signed by coming soon.
  • The poster will not be reviewed for academic content.
  • For poster printing questions, please contact Brenda at 515-271-1402.

Abstract Guidelines

Research abstracts must be submitted under one of the following categories:

  • Anatomy/Paleontology
  • Biomedical Science
  • Clinical 
  • Education
  • Movement Science
  • Public Health

All abstracts will be published in the meeting program. Please submit your abstract according to the following guidelines:

  • Format: Microsoft Word format
  • Font: Arial, 11 point
  • Margins: 1 inch on all sides
  • Spacing: Single-spaced
  • Justification: Left
  • Abstract body length: No more than 250 words
  • Type the title first, using title casing.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word except prepositions, articles and species names. Italicize scientific names of organisms.
  • List all authors, institutional affiliations and short addresses (city and state only).
  • Bold the names of the author(s) presenting the work.

View an abstract example. 
Submit your abstract.

Writing Tips

Consider the following questions when preparing your abstract:

  • Does the abstract clearly state the aim of the project (i.e. a research question, theoretical issue, or problem)?
  • Is the significance of work clearly stated?
  • If relevant, are the methods, data collection, and analysis procedures well-designed and appropriate to the question addressed?
  • Are the conclusions justified in relation to the data and/or analysis/description?
  • Is the abstract written clearly and organized well?

IRB or IACUC Approval

If your project involves human or animal research, you must have obtained IRB or IACUC approval, unless you are clearly presenting your work as a proposed project and make it clear that absolutely no research has yet been conducted. Posters involving such research should indicate an approval number or state that no research has been conducted. Anyone giving an oral presentation on a project involving human or animal research must have an IRB or IACUC approval. For questions, please contact the DMU Office of Research at 515-271-1445.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding the DMU Research Symposium? If your question isn’t answered, please contact DMU CME at cme@dmu.edu or 515-271-1596.

Submission Form


Oral presenters will be contacted on TBD. If your abstract is not selected, you're welcome to display a poster.

As a reminder, posters must be sent to the DMU print shop by Monday, December 3.  Download the print shop order form.

Only one individual will be allowed to present the research. Please decide with your mentor who that individual will be.
For Des Moines University faculty or student research involving humans or animals, please provide the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) ID number under which this research project was carried. If an ID was not assigned please explain:
I confirm the work submitted is my own and all co-authors have given written permission for me to present the research at the educational activity. I also acknowledge that research projects are not a solo activity. I confirm that all mentors, preceptors, researchers, and/or institutions are included on my abstract and/or poster.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: doc docx.