Evaluating the Student with Reliability and Validity


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Target Audience

Healthcare providers who teach medical students in the clinical setting.


Des Moines University is supportive of healthcare providers who choose to actively participate in the education of our students by offering excellent clinical training opportunities. Preceptors not only transmit skills but are mentors who convey the core values that are important to Des Moines University: accountability, collaboration, honesty, inclusiveness, and wellness. Preceptors do what no textbook or classroom can accomplish. The students benefit from the community-based experience while preceptors benefit from integrating new ideas and techniques into their practices that are currently being taught in academic health sciences institutions. Join us for a series of educational opportunities which provide precepting pearls to aid in shaping the next generation of clinicians.


  • Define the term summative assessment.
  • Define the term formative assessment.
  • Define the term norm referenced evaluation.
  • Define the term criterion referenced evaluation.
  • Define the term reliability with reference to the evaluation of student performance in the clinical setting.
  • Define the term validity with reference to the evaluation of student performance in the clinical setting.
  • Describe strategies to enhance the reliability and validity of your evaluation of the student. 
  • Write effective and constructive narrative comments on student evaluation forms that reflect efforts to make those evaluation comments both reliable and valid and supportive of numerical ratings..

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Recording date: November 12, 2020
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Dennis Baker, PhD

Assistant Dean for Faculty Enrichment and Professor of Family Medicine, Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine
Emeritus Professor of Family Medicine and Associate Dean for Faculty Development, Florida State University College of Medicine

Dr. Baker earned his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Florida. He has more than 42 years of medical education experience in the areas of faculty and curriculum development. This experience includes Veterinary Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine and Allopathic Medicine. Dr. Baker retired from the Florida State University College of Medicine (FSUCOM) where he served as Associate Dean for Faculty Development. In that position Dr. Baker developed and conducted a nationally recognized faculty development program for community-based preceptors in six regional campus throughout Florida where FSUCOM students completed their 3rd and 4th year training. Dr. Baker retired from FSUCOM in 2012. He now holds a part-time position with the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine as the Assistant Dean for Faculty Enrichment and Professor of Family Medicine.  

Relevant to the content of this educational activity, Dr. Baker does not have a financial conflicts with commercial interest companies to disclose.

Available Credit

  • 0.50 CE Contact Hour(s)


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