Assessment Review: Learning from Mistakes

Des Moines, IA US
March 20, 2014

Series Description

Innovations in health care education require the simultaneous development of creative new approaches to student assessment.  This IAMSE webcast seminar series will explore these issues and provide several examples of how schools are evolving with assessment approaches.  Many, if not most, contemporary health science curricula are exploring the integrated learning of multiple basic science disciplines in the clinical and social contexts of patient care.  These teaching and learning approaches require new and creative assessment tools to monitor student progress.  Faculty training to develop and implement these changes is also critical since constructing high quality, reliable assessment tools is a learned skill.  Assessment includes formative feedback to students as an effective learning activity, and this is increasingly incorporated into modern curricula.  Students are also being taught life-long learning skills and are expected to be independent learners.  Yet how can faculty or accreditation agencies be assured of progress towards continued professional growth and competency?  As post-curricular, graduate medical educational programs change to more benchmark approaches to measure competency, how will this impact the approaches to learning and assessment in medical and other health science curricula?  These and other issues will be the focus of our five seminars.

Webinar Description

Assessment review gives both the instructor and the learners an opportunity to learn from mistakes. By letting your learners review tests, quizzes and even final exams, we are assessing our assessments. This gives you an opportunity to go over the goals of the instruction, assess learner progress and discover information to improve both the assessment and the instruction. To answer the question: “How are they doing?” we need to step back and evaluate the entire instructional effort.  In this presentation participants will review the benefits of using all assessments as an opportunity to learn. We will look at each and every assessment as an opportunity. We will discuss strategies for planning and conducting assessment reviews and adapting instructional strategies to enhance learning results. We will explore hands on examples of test review and instructional adjustments. This presentation will allow the participants to see the value of assessment as a tool for learning and provide hands on examples of the feedback loop for improving instruction.

Target Audience

DMU faculty and staff.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify strengths of different types of assessments
  • Demonstrate the use of assessment audits
  • Gain strategies for using assessment to improve overall results
  • Consider ways to improve student learning and instruction using assessment


Bobbe Baggio

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03/20/2014 - 11:00am CDT
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03/20/2014 - 12:00pm CDT
Des Moines University
3200 Grand Avenue
SEC 115
Des Moines, IA 50312
United States

Available Credit

  • 1.00 CE Contact Hour(s)


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