Approaches to Active Learning: Two Medical Schools Make a Start

Des Moines, IA US
January 16, 2014

Series Description

We complain that students don’t come to class anymore. Our students complain that attending lectures is not a productive use of their time. Our accreditation bodies stress the importance of active learning and ensuring that our students become life-long learners. Educational experts have told us that a lecture by a “sage on the stage” is neither active learning nor good pedagogy. At our conferences and through the media we hear about colleagues that use flipped classrooms to promote active learning and increase student performance and attendance.  

We have heard the hype, but what is the reality? We are now beginning to explore, at different levels of application, subtle and major differences in approaches to active and engaged learning.

This webcast series will provide a framework for understanding and distinguishing between the various definitions and perspectives on active and engaged learning and will detail specific practical applications in the modern classroom. 

Webinar Description

This session outlines experiences at two medical schools currently introducing student-centered active learning in lieu of traditional didactic methods.

Since 2010 the University of Kansas Medical Center has been developing a program designed to augment student problem-solving skills with an emphasis on case-based classroom analysis and discussion. In 2013, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine began providing pre-recorded curricular content as a foundation for classroom synthesis sessions in which instructors asked students to expand on and integrate information in the context of clinical scenarios.

An essential component of these programs at both institutions is the emphasis on student-identified learning objectives. Both presenters will highlight challenges and successes encountered as each school travels towards more engaged student-directed learning.

Target Audience

DMU faculty and staff.


Michael Parmely and Susan Ely

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01/16/2014 - 12:00pm CST
Des Moines University
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