Disclosure of Financial Relationships

As the accredited provider, Des Moines University (DMU) is committed to ensuring that accredited continuing education (1) presents learners with only accurate, balanced, scientifically justified recommendations, and (2) protects learners from promotion, marketing, and commercial bias. DMU is responsible for identifying financial relationships between individuals in control of educational content and ineligible companies and managing them to ensure they do not introduce commercial bias.

Financial relationships of any dollar amount are defined as relevant if the educational content is related to the business lines or products of the ineligible company. The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) defines an ineligible company as an organization “whose primary business is producing, marketing, selling, re-selling, or distributing healthcare products used by or on patients." The ACCME does not consider providers of clinical service directly to patients to be ineligible companies. Ineligible companies are prohibited from engaging in joint providership with accredited providers.

DMU is required to collect information from all planners, faculty, and others in control of educational content about all their financial relationships with ineligible companies within the prior 24 months. There is no minimum monetary threshold; individuals must disclose all financial relationships, regardless of the amount, with ineligible companies. Individuals must disclose irrespective of their view of the relevance of the relationship to the education. Any individual who refuses to disclose relevant financial relationships will be disqualified from developing, managing, presenting, or evaluating the activity. The disclosure intends not to prevent an individual from being involved in a continuing education activity but to provide learners with information on which they can make their own judgments. This disclosure policy is intended to protect all parties involved from any potential conflict of interest that may arise.


The speaker(s) will disclose if any pharmaceuticals or medical procedures and devices discussed are investigational or unapproved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Determination of educational content and the selection of speakers is the responsibility of the activity director. 

Relevant to the content of this educational activity, the following individual(s) have no conflict(s) with ineligible companies to disclose:

  • Albeir Mousa, MD - Activity Director, Moderator
  • Amanda Sigala, RN, BSN, MPH, CPHQ - Activity Coordinator, PNWVSG 
  • Andrey Churkin, RN - Activity Coordinator
  • Ashley Vavra, MD - Moderator
  • Betsy Wymer, DNP, RN, RN-BC - Planning Committee Member and Speaker
  • Caroline Morgan, RN - Planning Committee Member and Speaker
  • Chandler Long, MD - Activity Director
  • Charles B. Ross, MD - Activity Director, SEVSG 
  • Crystal Riddle - Activity Coordinator and Moderator, SoVONet 
  • Eleftherios Xenos, MD - Activity Director, MVC
  • Elizabeth Schwendler - Speaker
  • Leila Mureebe, MD, MPH - Speaker
  • Graham Roche-Nagle, MD - Activity Director
  • Jeffrey Indes, MD - Activity Director, VSGGNY
  • Jeffrey Siracuse, MD, MBA - Activity Director, VSGNE 
  • Jen Landis, PA - Activity Coordinator, MSVSG 
  • Jennifer Farrell, MHA, BSN, RN - Planning Committee Member, Upper Midwest 
  • Jens Eldrup-Jorgensen, MD - Speaker, Moderator, Planning Committee Member
  • Jim Wadzinski - Planning Committee Member and Speaker
  • Juliann Inkmann - Activity Coordinator, UMWVN 
  • Julie Mason, RVT - Planning Committee Member, Great Lakes 
  • Katherine McGinigle, MD, MPH - Activity Director, Carolinas 
  • Kristina Giles, MD - Activity Director, VSGNE 
  • Lillian Camino - Coordinator
  • Leka Johnson - Activity Coordinator, 2022 SVS PSO Regional Meetings
  • Lynne Hampton  - Planning Committee Member, Carolinas 
  • Matthew Mell, MD - Activity Director
  • Megon Berman - Lead Regional Data Manager, Rocky Mountain
  • Melinda Lewis, RN - Activity Coordinator, SOCAL 
  • Michael McNally, MD - Activity Director
  • Michael Stoner, MD - Moderator, VSGGNY
  • Michelle Glanville - Coordinator, Planning Committee Member
  • Mohammad Eslami, MD - Activity Director, Moderator, Planning Committee Member
  • Nam T. Tran, MD - Activity Director, PNWVS 
  • Naomi Eisenberg - Activity Coordinator, CVQI 
  • Neel Mansukhani, MD - Activity Director, UMVN 
  • Patrick Ryan, MD - Activity Director, Planning Committee Member
  • Patty Bozeman, APRN - Activity Coordinator, VSGNE 
  • Ritu Karki Sitaula, RN - Activity Coordinator
  • Robin Acino, MPH - Activity Coordinator
  • Sara Zettervall, MD - Moderator 
  • Samantha Minc, MD - Speaker
  • Scott Berman, MD, MHA - Activity Director, Rocky Mountain
  • Sheila Coogan, MD - Activity Director, Planning Committee Member
  • Shipra Arya, MD - Activity Director, Moderator, Planning Committee Member
  • Stacy Giardina - Planning Committee Member
  • Tracy Campin - Coordinator
  • Tze-Woei (Kevin) Tan - Planning Committee Member, RMVQI 
  • Vanessa Cambria-Mengel, MSN,RN,CCRN-K - Activity Coordinator
  • Yaasin Abdulrehman, MD - Activity Director, CVQI
  • Young Erben, MD - Co-Director, SEVSG
  • Bethany Taylor, RT(R) - MVC, Activity Coordinator

Relevant to the content of this educational activity, the following individual(s) have conflict(s) with ineligible companies to disclose. All relationships have been mitigated by the accredited provider.

  • Ankur Chandra, MD - Activity Director, SoCal VOICe
    • Consultant for Abbott Vascular                    
  • Christopher Smolock, MD - Activity Director, Moderator, Planning Committee Member    
    • Consultant: Gore, Terumo Aortic    
    • Grant or Research Support: Gore, Terumo Aortic, Cook, Endologix    
    • Speaker’s Bureau: Gore, Terumo Aortic    
    • The financial relationships are NOT relevant to the content of the educational activity.        
  • Meghan Dermody, MD - Speaker, Mid Atlantic
    • Honorarium from Silk Road Medical                    
  • Faisal Aziz, MD - Activity Director VQI Regional Meeting
    • Consultant: Medtronic
  • Rana Afifi, MD - Activity Director, Planning Committee Member
    • Consultant for Medtronic and Endoron Ltd