We are excited to announce that the 7th Annual Iowa International Education Conference will be offering a poster session! All individuals attending are invited to participate. Posters may be presented on any topic, experience, or research in the field of international education. The deadline to register your poster is Thursday, April 18. 

If you have not done so already, please REGISTER for the meeting.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Posters should be no more than 5′ wide and 4′ high. Materials to hang your poster will be available on-site. On the day of the program, posters must be displayed by 9 am and removed by 4 pm. 

Presenters should prepare and practice a short summary speech - no more than 3 minutes - about their project. Presenters should also consider the following criteria when constructing their poster:

  • Visual/Technical – Title, author(s), affiliation, and contact information. Poster design should be logical and easy to follow with appropriate visuals (methods, results, etc.), including text that is easy to read, understand, and is free of errors, and graphics that clearly contribute to the overall presentation. Ensure good use of the space on the poster with sections such as introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion and relevance of the research in the field of study.
  • Content (original research) – Research topic should be clearly described with adequate introduction and a clear hypothesis. Work should demonstrate clear focus and well-developed materials and methods. Analysis of data should be comprehensive and discussion appropriate to findings. Conclusion should be supported by findings and linked to relevance in the field of study.
  • Content (literature review/experience) – Work includes a background that leads to reason for the literature review/experience.  Work should demonstrate clear focus and a well-developed and comprehensive review of literature/experience. Literature/experience review should provide valuable insight and should be linked to relevance in the field of study. 
  • Presenter(s) – Should be able to communicate in-depth technical information in an easy-to-understand manner, interpret the data properly, clearly answer questions related to the project, and recognize limitations of the project’s procedures/outcomes. Presenters should also be courteous and professional.

DMU Faculty and Students Only

The Global Health and CME department will be paying to have your poster printed at the DMU print shop. Please use this print shop order form to print your poster.

General Information About Poster Construction

The poster session will provide attendees the opportunity to learn more about a project, and personalize their learning experience by speaking one-on-one with the creators of posters that capture their attention. The following web site serves as a great resource on how to create an effective poster – https://www.ncsu.edu/project/posters/.


Sondra Schreiber

I confirm the work submitted is my own and all co-authors have given written permission for me to present at the educational activity.