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Faculty Perspectives of an Interprofessional Simulation During a Pandemic

Michelle Brosey, OTD, OTR/L, CHT and Karen Burket, PT, DPT, NCS, CWS

Messiah University


  • Recognize shared barriers of a new IPE experience during a pandemic.
  • Examine the needs for faculty teams to begin with a strong learning community.
  • Demonstrate faculty members’ goal for excellence in teaching methods from a foundational level.


This poster presentation shares the experience of three faculty members’ journey in planning and executing an interprofessional event and plans to build a faculty learning community at a Christian university. Educational settings use the IPEC Core Competencies as a guide to model behaviors, maximize skills and client outcomes, and highlight the role of each profession during these processes (AOTA, 2021, APTA, 2019). This presentation will identify the efforts of faculty members working towards developing a learning community that will maximize teaching efforts, structure scholarship of teaching and learning and plan future interprofessional education (IPE) events. Teaching students to excel at clinical and professional practice and how to apply interprofessional practice (IPP) begins in the educational and experiential aspect of their curriculum.  

Presentation objectives will be met by 1) sharing barriers to planning an event with university related pandemic restrictions including personal protective equipment, social distancing, combining of undergraduate and graduate students and faculty in one shared area, faculty members with different levels of experience and teamwork approaches, and student learning objectives that did not blend well during the experience; 2) faculty members who are part of IPE teams and share common goals can model skills and behaviors to prioritize valuable learning experiences; and 3) faculty members who are willing to examine their own perceptions, experience, and application of IPP and IPE can more easily demonstrate excellence in teaching after building a team that works well together to benefit student learning outcomes.

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